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Research on product characteristics of hydraulic tube core blank
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-23

Product Features:

Hydraulic Tube Core BlankThe use of regular manufacturers of high-quality Steel, is in the original national standards on the basis of reference to Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries of the standards and structures, combined with the commonly used in the market of various types of connections, sealed form of carefully designed production; the hydraulic hose assembly has excellent oil resistance, ozone resistance, anti-aging performance and high pulse performance; The pipe fittings are simple in structure,  Easy to use, good interchangeability, reliable performance and so on, is the hydraulic transmission technology indispensable pipeline connection components. Another can provide non-standard joints, hard pipe joints, hose joints, fast connectors, such as Gb,iso,din to meet the standard of various forms of high-quality products, run caps, spring and hydraulic seals and other products.

Second, hose joint and hose withholding form:

1. Peel out glue to withhold

Need to peel off a certain length of the outer rubber layer, suitable for GB/T 3683-92,gb/t 10544-03,DIN20022,SAE100R1A/R2A standard wire braided hose and wire winding rubber hose.

2. Does not peel out the glue to withhold

Processing technology is simple, suitable for fiber braided hose and sae100riat/r2at and other types of steel wire braided hose.

3. Peel the internal and external glue to be stripped of a certain length of the internal rubber layer and the outer layer, known as the safe type of internal locking of the type of rubber hose joints, suitable for gb/t10544-89 large diameter tube saer12,din20023-4sh and other ultra-high pressure wire winding hose.

Third, the hydraulic pipe joint connection form:

1. Full-withholding high-pressure hose fittings.

2. Detachable hardcover joint.

3. vulcanization joints and low pressure fittings.

4 British connector, American joint, metric hose connector