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Stainless steel hydraulic pipe NUT PK Copper Hydraulic PIPE Nut
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-23

First, stainless steel hydraulic pipe NUT advantage

1. In favor of aesthetics: the best treatment method of copper products surface is only: electroplating nickel and chromium. Electroplating layer depending on its quality, fast one year ﹑ general 3-5 years, slow 10 years gradually lose the surface gloss, up the hemp point, the final plating layer peeling ﹑ exposed patina. and stainless steel kitchen supplies ﹑ tableware is popular all over the world. Because, after the polished stainless steel product surface forever to keep silvery-white luster ﹑ never rust, use 10 years ﹑ 20 ﹑ 30 as long as you wash clean water, it will clean beautiful ﹑ luxurious as new. Our productionHydraulic Pipe Nut BlanksThe blank of the hydraulic pipe nut can be processed according to your requirement.

2. Durability: Stainless Steel hardness ﹑ toughness are twice times higher than copper. Never rust ﹑ never corrode ﹑ never deformed. Loyalty to you to follow ﹑ century unchanged ﹑ never renegade.


Second, stainless steel hydraulic pipe NUT Environmental protection

Health, environmental protection, does not contain lead, and acid ﹑ alkali ﹑ corrosion resistance ﹑ not release harmful substances, will not pollute your water source, can ensure human health ﹑ health, environmental protection, manufacturing process does not pollute the environment. Very suitable for direct drinking water nozzle. Copper joints containing lead and release of lead elements, lead harmful to the human body, but also produce copper oxide, resulting in patina, pollution of your water, endanger health. Today, the child is not blood lead high or even blood lead exceeded, resulting in childhood anemia and even mental decline, how to reduce lead intake of children is a problem for young parents to consider.