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Ford Recycling!? Millions of cars were prosecuted for a minor wheel nut malfunction.
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-16

This year, Ford seems to have been unlucky. As a bystander, I saw Ford on the headlines several times before, when the car seat bolt problem was recalled, and recently broke the wheel nut caused by hundreds of owners of the prosecution!!! Therefore, we in the procurement time or need to look, it is best to be able to understand the product through the online exhibition, face-to-face see the sample, and the contract has the best guarantee.

It is said that nearly millions of of Ford's Fusion, wing Tigers (Escape), Flex, Fox, F-150 and F-350, and so on, the car nuts in these models have a minute expansion and the possibility of separation, so the new wheel is difficult to remove and replace the new nut does not exist, because the operation is very difficult. can only be withdrawn.



"We're not talking about breakthrough technology and computerization in the automotive industry, we're talking about the simplest parts of the car--nuts," said Ford's lawyer. Ford nut selection of low design, the appearance of the car placed in safety before the customer caused direct damage. "It is reported that two-thirds of the nuts are used in steel cores and chromium, aluminum orHydraulic Pipe Sleeve NutDesign and production.

What happens to this failure? You know, this will cause the owner to go to the repair shop to replace the tires, each wheel will pay more than 30 dollars! 3 also need to buy a new nut; from the worst point of view, the car owner in the busy road when a sudden situation, such as a flat tire can not change the wheel. Well, this can cause a lot of traffic accidents.

So far, car owners from several parts of the United States have signed a lawsuit document. The amount claimed is determined by the actual loss of the individual and the value of the car itself.

It can be seen how important the effect of fasteners is on the whole. Hope that the vast number of car manufacturers can attract attention, do not covet the cheap and lost the brand! After all, like a big company such as Ford will make mistakes, do not underestimate a small screw, which is very likely to be fatal hidden danger. Any choice of partsQuality products, not to covet cheap on the selection of inferior.