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Some special types of tool sleeve blanks except conventional
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-23

The type of tool sleeve blanks, in addition to the common standard sleeve, also has a lot of special sleeve, such as hexagonal long sleeve, hexagonal or 12-angle flower-shaped sleeve, rotary sleeve. If the head is made into a special shape of bolts, nuts, you must use a special sleeve for demolition. Our company provides high qualityTool Sleeve Blanks, has the conventional size of the spot, can also be customized according to your needs, welcome to discuss cooperation.

1, hexagonal long sleeve:

The depth of the hexagonal sleeve is 2~3 times deeper than that of the standard sleeve, and is one of the most commonly used modification sleeves in maintenance work.

2, 12 angle flower-shaped sleeve:

The sleeve inner diameter shape has six angle and 12 angle (double hexagon) two kinds. 12 angle flower-shaped sleeve between the angles of 30°, can conveniently cover bolts, suitable for the narrow space to remove bolts. 12-angle flower-shaped sleeve can not remove the large torque or edge of the worn bolts, because it and the contact area of the bolt is small, easy to damage the corners of the bolts or slip off a safety accident.

3, flower-shaped sleeve:

is specially used to remove the spline bolts. In the disassembly, the fancy sleeve can contact with the bolt head and adopt a curved surface structure, which can increase the disassembly torque while reducing the volume.

4. Series Rotary Sleeve:

The rotary sleeve is combined with a matching handle to form a wide range of screwdriver or hexagon wrench, which is used to remove bolts with special shape or small screws with larger torque.

The rotary sleeve with different handle will play a different role. Ratchet wrench can be used to achieve rapid screw, can also be connected to the length of the bar to use, the ordinary screwdriver cannot be screwed to apply a larger screw torque.