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Steel City: The gloomy gloom, the blue skies
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-16

Macro hotspot

1, the Ministry of Commerce: January-March, China's actual use of foreign capital 227.54 billion yuan, an increase of 0.5%. The present features include higher growth of new enterprises, steady growth in actual use of foreign capital, high technology manufacturing industry, sustained growth of foreign investment in the Midwest, and growth in investment from Singapore, Korea, Japan, Macao, UK and France.

2, the Chinese government Network: This year again pressure reduction of steel production capacity of about 30 million tons, out of the coal production capacity of 150 million tons, the elimination of the shutdown of less than 300,000-kilowatt of the following coal-fired power units. Increase the "zombie enterprise" bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring efforts, good staff placement and debt disposal. Reduce ineffective supply to catch new results.

3, United States: April 7 Week, the first application for unemployment benefits 233,000, expected 230,000, the former value of 242,000. As of March 31, the number of jobless benefits was 1.871 million, expected to be 1.843 million, and the former value 1.808 million revised to 1.818 million.

Raw materials

Billet: 13th Tangshan Billet tired up 30 to 3480 tax-bearing factory. After the steel mills straight hair deal normal. At present, Tangshan and some surrounding steel millsSquare BilletIncluding tax factory mainstream 3480 yuan/ton, Qianan part of the resources 3480, the merchant bare price 3160. Surrounding other urban Green Paper morning mainstream smooth local shocks. Recent steel to eat more favorable, such as Xuzhou began the Yangtze River Delta Environmental Protection upgrade policy, steel social inventory decline, value-added tax reform and so on have boosted the spot market, while black futures short main shift in the period also led to a shorter enthusiasm.

Domestic mine: 13th, the main domestic mining market stable operation. Yesterday, the market has not fluctuated sharply, pointing to a 0.55 dollar rise. From the Sino-US trade war to date, iron ore 1809 contracts for a long period of consolidation in the 430-460 area, although there is the potential to build the bottom, but want to break open the current situation ushered in a new world, their own power is not enough to achieve, but also need to borrow phase of the wind. Phase snail experienced early oversold rebound, the daily line fluctuation significantly narrowed, obviously at this time again to rely on the spiral of the ups and downs and the pace of the spot has not been appropriate, and the arrival of the new market will eventually return to the timber supply and demand itself. The recent decline in the stock of lumber is obvious, there have been shops to the bottom of the market, or to the formation of steel to support the price at this point can be a better, but strewn, is expected to short-term domestic mining market a narrow range of shocks run.

Import mine: 13th import ore port spot quote mainstream stability. Last night, Pu pointed up 0.55 U.S. dollars, now 62% Australian Powder index 64.75 USD/ton, the lump ore premium of 0.189. The recent multi-empty both sides turn on duty to toss constantly, the reason for the rebound of the futures is due to the short main shift, the plate to see the two-year trend has ended, this year's new low probability of higher than the new high probability, so the transfer period can be much shorter, but even the iron appeared in the sun will be cautious, fear later also fall back.

Steel spot

Construction of Steel: the main steady ups and downs. 24 main cities of the country rebar 20mm hrb400e average price of 3870 yuan/ton, compared to the last trading day prices flat. 6 cities fell 10-30 yuan. Building materials are expected to stabilize the main adjustment.

Hot rolled coil, main stability adjustment. The National 24 Market 4.75mm hot-rolled coil price of 4002 yuan/ton, compared to the last session of the price flat. 3 cities fell by 30-50. It is expected that the hot rolling price is adjusted.

Medium PLATE: The main steady upward. China's 23 major cities in the thick plate average price of 4200 yuan/ton, compared to the last day of the increase in prices 4. The price of 8 cities was raised by 20-30 Yuan. The plate market is expected to remain stable tomorrow.


Today, rebar main contract 1810 received 3452 up 55, today closed up 1.62%, the top 3473, the lowest 3377, settlement price 3422, turnover 5542606, positions 2957458. Today, the middle of the plate, a strong rebound hit the top 34,701 line, a new high since April, taking into account the volume of the plate, the positions are both rising, in the plate bullish mood significantly enhanced support, coupled with the current 5th K-line also showed a rebound trend, so that the date of the spiral will be expected to enter the oscillation rise running, amplitude or weakness in today's day.

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