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How to distinguish between qualified products and unqualified products of cold extruding sleeve
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-25

Cold extrusion sleeve of qualified products and unqualified products in layman's terms, in addition to the difference between the price is not the same, in fact, the cold extrusion sleeve in the appearance and quality testing have obvious differences:

One, look. Cold extrusion sleeve In the appearance of strict standards, cold extrusion road is strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to implement, the spacing between the number of evenly, to ensure the integrity of the number of road and clarity; each cold extrusion sleeve has a strict length and width limit, which is consistent with the mold; each cold extrusion sleeve is chamfer treated.

Second, the quality. The tensile value of the qualified sleeve and the unqualified sleeve is obviously different in the initial tensile test of the cold extrusion sleeve. such as φ32 cold extrusion sleeve, the qualified tensile value can reach 600mpa and the sleeve still does not have any reaction, but unqualified tower's tensile value in 200mpa has exploded, so this is also each construction unit all request to do the tensile test reason, only then the qualified cold extrusion sleeve can withstand each tensile test.

Cold Extrusion Sleeve BlanksThe appearance inspection unqualified number is smaller than the examination book 10%, the batch joint appearance quality assessment is qualified, when the unqualified number exceeds the examination number 10%, should the batch of joint recheck, the appearance inspection unqualified joint should take remedial measures, cannot remedy should do the marking, And the unqualified head in the extraction of 3 specimens for the tensile test, if the strength of a specimen is lower than the design value, then the batch of joints unqualified.