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Technology and advantages of cold extruding nut blanks
Edit:Ningbo Okeer Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-24

Cold Extrusion Nut Blanksis to put the nut in the cold extrusion die cavity, at room temperature, through the pressure machine fixed on the convex mold to the blank pressure, so that the nut blank plastic deformation and made parts of the processing method. At present, China has been able to lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and its alloys, Low-carbon steel, medium carbon steels, tool steel, low-alloy steels and stainless steel and other metals for cold extrusion, even for bearing steel, high carbon high alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, etc. can also be a certain amount of deformation of cold extrusion. In the extrusion equipment, China has the ability to design and manufacture all levels of compression presses. In addition to the use of general mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, cold extrusion presses, but also successfully used friction presses and high-speed high-energy equipment for cold extrusion production.

Extrusion is a process that forces the metal scraps to produce plastic flow through the gap between the punch and the die and the die outlet to produce a part that is smaller than the blank section of the Hollow or section. If the blanks are extruded without heating, they are called cold extrusion. Cold extrusion is one of the processing technology of no chips and less chip parts, so it is an advanced technology in the process of metal chip plastic processing. If the billet is heated to the recrystallization temperature below the temperature to squeeze, it is called warm extrusion. Warm extrusion still has the advantage of less chip-free. At present, the cold extruding parts developed in our country can reach the 8~9 level, and the ideal lubrication can be reached (refer to pure aluminum and copper parts), second only to polished surface. Therefore, the parts manufactured by the cold extrusion method are generally not required to be processed, and only a small amount of precision machining (grinding) is needed. And the application of a wide range, such as special-shaped section, internal teeth, special holes and blind holes, and other processing methods, these parts are difficult to complete, with cold extrusion processing is very convenient.