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Hydraulic tubing joint form and corresponding tubing size
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Metric card sleeve NUT, Hydraulic pipe joint nut (Hydraulic Pipe Nut Blanks), card sleeve type pipe joint nut, also known as metric hexagon nuts, the entire product of all CNC processing, products in accordance with the standard production, in order to meet customer demand, the appearance of a slight change, but does not affect the use of connectors. The joint can be used in combination with the hydraulic pipe three sets, so that the sealing performance of tubing joints is better. The metric card sets nut, the hydraulic pipe joint nut, the card sleeve type pipe joint nut production process, by several engineers strictly controls the size request, causes the processing the joint size completely conforms to the drawing technical request. After the surface treatment, the finished product sold to customers before, need to go through the workers selected, there is no surface treatment or serious injury, are treated as waste.

Our company was established in 1990, is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic pipe nut blanks, sleeve blanks and various sizes of tool sleeve semi-finished manufacturers. Company through hot forging, heading and shot blasting process to provide customers with quality and reliable semi-finished products. The company has 8 large cold upsetting equipment, 5 automatic hot stamping equipment, 5 ordinary hot punching bed and 4 automatic blanking equipment. Product quality This piece can be assured.

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